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Valheim and therefore today it is necessary to tell you How to make a windmill.

Why make a windmill in Valheim?

 There are some crafts that are of higher levels such as the windmill, being necessary to use this as a structure, only that it is ideal to understand How to make a windmill and for this we will have the text of this guide to see the details below.

How to make a windmill in Valheim?

 It is necessary that we first have a craftsman's table, with which we will have access to structures such as the windmill, the spinning wheel and the blast furnace, now it is necessary that we have tears of tears in Valheim for the construction of the craftsman's table. Dragon x2 and woods x10, the first ones are obtained by defeating Moder, the fourth boss in the mountain biome, he will be invoked when placing the offering on the altar, this being three dragon eggs, when we have the table of craftsman we can go on to solve How to make a windmill, the distaff and the blast furnace.
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    • The windmill: with this structure it is possible to have more options to make food, because the production of barley flour is possible, in the plains' biome we can find barley, only there are Fulings guarding, we have the opportunity to do lox bread, blood sausage, fish wraps and meatloaf.
    • The blast furnace: with this we can make ingots of black and flametal metal, which we use in the manufacture of all the weapons corresponding to black metal, it is necessary to have a level 4 forge, which will allow us to access the craftable objects.
    • The spinning wheel: this is an important component, with which it is possible to make gears and weapons with very high levels, with this spinning wheel we can even make linen threads, this being a vital ingredient for padded armor and black metal weapons are manufactured.

    Making the windmill also requires the unlocking of the iron nails, which is possible with the help of the iron bars in the forge, this unlocking occurs if we have made a ship or other objects that require iron nails, always keeping in mind the recipes of the windmill and the spinning wheel

    Generally speaking, knowing how to make a windmill is simply not difficult but important in Valheim, give it a try.

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