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We continue the tour of Valheim and this time we will tell you How to make the porcupine.

What is the porcupine in Valheim?

 It is one of the many weapons that we can manufacture in the game, the porcupine is one of the most suitable to fight with our enemies specifically, it is capable of causing forceful and piercing damage, with an outstanding balance in these categories, a fact That can be the subject of questions, so this guide will explain how to make the porcupine and in the following content the details are presented, let's see.

How to make the porcupine in Valheim?

 It requires a series of resources to do it, the recipes, having a level 4 forge and resources such as fine wood x5, linen thread x10, iron x20 and needle x5, being easy to get fine wood and iron, in the depths of the sunken crypts of the swamp is iron, the scrap that is stuck between the mud and with the use of the luck bone we get to locate iron deposits, while the wood comes from the birch trees that are in the biome from the prairies or plains.
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    Now in the case of the thread and the needles it is necessary that we go to the plains biome, through the mosquitoes of death we will see the needles fall, being necessary that we have a shield to withstand their first attack or a bow to see them before Let them see us, we have to kill many mosquitoes depending on the amount of needles we need, while for the linen thread we have to focus on the Fuling villages, they are farms with similarities to those that grow carrots and turnips, You have to find the flax to put it on a spinning wheel in our house, which allows you to convert the linen into enough linen thread, the spinning wheel I create through the artisan's table, counting on the resources such as dragon's tear that is obtained by beat the fourth boss in Valheim.

     As for How to make the porcupine, we have that having the necessary resources the statistics that this basic weapon has been 50 blunt damage, 45 punch damage, 20 blocking force, 30 parrying force, x2 in bonus Parry, x3 backstab and 90 backlash, it certainly isn't as impressive as some other weapons for its mixed damage, but it does stand out in its categories making it very useful.

     This is all you need about How to make the porcupine and in this way get progress in Valheim.

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