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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-10 16:29:41

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Valheim has managed to occupy us for a long time, and therefore it is convenient to explain how to make a draugr bow.

What is the draugr bow in Valheim?

When we have reached the swamp biome, our ability to manufacture weapons is expanded with many possibilities, among which is the draugr bow, which consists of an improvement made to the raw bow, increasing its capabilities in important ranges, among which They are presented in durability 250, piercing 56 and poison 20, it must be taken into account that a level 2 forge is required so that the basic form can be created and level 5 for level 4, to master the fact of How to do a draugr bow we will have precise details, let's continue.

How to make a draugr bow in Valheim?

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Some ingredients are required, which are ancient bark, silver and Guck, we will find these in the swamp biome, for ancient bark we have to cut ancient trees, in the case of silver we obtain it with the smelting of the mineral itself and the Guck we are going to collect from the Gucksackes, for this we will look in the elevated areas that require some platform to reach them, then we apply the recipe that consists of:

  • Ancient Bark x10
  • Silver x20
  • Deerskin x2
  • Guck x10

Now that you know how to make a draugr bow it is time to do it and continue in Valheim.

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