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The action in V Rising does not stop, which leads us to tell you How to get a horse.

What to know about the horse in V Rising?

The fact of riding a horse is possible in the game, despite being a vampire, only this requires some requirements to consider, to have an idea of How to get a horse, it is appropriate to be aware of the details that this guide will present to us. then let's see.

How to get a horse in V Rising?

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    This search will take us to Dunley Farmlands, where we will access our first horse in V Rising, it is a quite complex area, here we at least have to be at level 30 before reaching said location, it is the second region, being here we have to on How to get a horse there are many places to find them, opening the map we can pass the cursor over an area in which resources are presented, having at this point the available horses, it is necessary that we approach the horse to claim it as ours, managing to interact with it to mount it, being mounted on the horse we have access to its own inventory, which will take us the statistics it has, these are the following:


    •  Maximum speed: the one that our horse can reach.
    • Acceleration: The extent of the speed of the maximum speed.
    • Turning speed: the speed with which the horse turns.


     Each horse has different statistics in V Rising, so by detailing them we can know which is the best of them in terms of How to get a horse, entering our inventory the option to add a container with water is presented, being something important for the survival of the horse, otherwise it will die in a certain time, even the time will vary with the water in the horse's inventory, another option to obtain horses is to steal them through the PVP mode, considering that the enemies can cause damage to them because they have no way to defend themselves , in this situation we have to avoid leaving it close to the enemies.

     In this way we finish our V Rising guide, now you know how to get a horse, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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