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In the next V Rising article we will tell you how to make dark silver ingots, so pay close attention.

  What are dark silver ingots in V Rising?

This is one of several materials you can find in the game that you can use to test your undead. So in case you don't know how to make dark silver bars, we've got you covered here.

How to make dark silver ingots in V Rising?

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The first thing you have to do if you are wondering how to make dark silver ingots in V Rising, is to find the recipe for this material, for this you will have to eliminate Octavian, the captain of the militia, level 56. To find it you will have to go to the Dunley Farmlands region of Vardoran, to Dunley's Stronghold in the north of the area, where you can find it.

Taking down Octavian will drop several important items, including the recipe for Dark Silver Ingots. To prepare it you will have to bake 20 silver ores and a Scourge stone for a single dark silver ingot.

We recommend looking for the silver ores in the Sacred Silver Mine in Silverlight Hills, where you will find some strong enemies.

Additionally you will have to find Scourgestone, in Dunley Farmlands. So head over to the Church of the Damned > open the items and containers or start crafting your own Scourgestone, with the recipe you'll receive by killing Leandra the Shadow Priestess at the top of the Church of the Damned.

 That's all there is to know about how to make dark silver ingots in V Rising and now that you have everything you need to make silver ingots, we hope you'll always have them.

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