2020-08-18 09:56:57

Today we bring you a UFC 4 guide where we will explain how to takedown opponent.

What to know about takedowns in UFC 4?

One of the many movements that we can perform in the game are knockdowns, these are very important when facing our opponents, with which we will be able to cause damage during fights, taking into account that there is more than one button related to this movement Now to understand how to take down the opponent, we have to focus carefully on the content that will be presented in this guide from here on, let's see what it is about.

How to takedown opponent in UFC 4?

Let's see the different movements to do the takedowns:

Back leg travel: on the PS4 we keep the R1 square pressed, then it is the same with the d-pad and we press R1 Circle, now if we are on the Xbox we keep pressed RB X and then the same with the d-pad and we press RB B
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