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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-18 16:47:45

We have made for you a Rogue Company guide where we will focus on talking to you about how to win all the games

What is Rogue Company about?

  Before knowing how to win every match, it is necessary to understand that this is a shooting game that will soon be available to everyone and we must be prepared to see the action at its best, it is a game where competition plays a fundamental role even when the Game mechanics can be somewhat complex, it is necessary to choose to be the winner to get the elimination of all the enemy players, because the advantage of all this is to achieve a quick shot to ensure victory.

How to win every match in Rogue Company?

Rolling in different directions can end up being the best survival option, it is a mechanism that can be used at close range and executing coverage against the enemy can simply offer us an advantage, since it allows us to observe and use some interesting angles, using the possibility of changing the shoulder, making it clear that this is more feasible than running away, it is also necessary to understand that if an enemy team opposing ours plays passively, it is simply possible to use grenades to attack it in Rogue Company, this will cause forced to move.

Something very interesting that you should know is that characters like Lancer usually play in silence which can be quite favorable since it is possible to cover a certain position on the map, this has some interest for everyone, in addition to understanding that this is a game where it is It is possible to buy weapons, because in case it is about shooting, for this it is necessary to have money and the game from the beginning has a money system where it is possible to acquire some weapons and some improvements where it is possible to have grenades like this as some benefits allowing us to have the possibility of knowing how to win every match starting from well-equipped players. Another detail that can be very important here is to have the option that the enemy team will be focused on reviving a dead teammate, which can put us at a wide advantage that this means that we can place an enemy player that we have shot down as a possible bait to get a double kill and in a fairly simple way.

How to choose the ideal character for us in Rogue Company?

 This game has some characters with interesting abilities and each one has some particular characteristic that can be very useful when it comes to knowing how to win every match, it is necessary to understand that this is a game that is played as a team to achieve more victories, This does not mean that it is not possible to run it alone but we are more exposed to weaknesses and we have little knowledge about our strengths, which can end up being difficult to obtain victories. It is important to consider that when observing the red ping this simply indicates that there is an enemy nearby so it is necessary to be alert.

 Definitely knowing how to win every match allows us to have the possibility of succeeding in a game where the shots are the main center of attraction and we must be properly prepared in Rogue Company

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