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You want to know How to make a duet, well you have come to the right place to tell it in Tiktok.

What to know about Tiktok?

The way in which videos are shared has been presenting some changes in this platform, having a series of different formats, which have a duration of at least 15 or 60 seconds, managing to go live or do a duet with other users, it is certainly possible that It is necessary to understand How to make a duet and that will be the objective of this guide with its explanation from here on, let's see what we find about it.

What is a duet in Tiktok?

It is a kind of video in which we and another user are in it, the screen being divided and we can view the video that is being made next to who we are recording with, this duet video can be published, said function was in a beginning of great value for some stars such as singers, which even led to the fans being able to sing with them, certainly there is a lot of usefulness that can be derived from knowing How to make a duet, among which is very popular are the shorts of comedy, theater dialogues and exercises to learn languages, being the unlimited options in Tiktok as long as we know how to make a duet to get the most out of what this platform offers us.

How to do a duet in Tiktok?

Duets can do it with the user who is or with a video that is to our liking, but certainly we must bear in mind that this function must be enabled in our profile, to find out if this is the case we only have to try with one of our videos To be aware of the operation or not of this application, in which case it is not enabled, we will only have to activate this function, those videos that are private are those that we cannot use for a duet, the video that we make at Knowing How to do a duet must have a duration of at least 15 seconds maximum in Tiktok, the specific time cannot be exceeded.

It is important that in order to do a duet the function is active in our profile, we must first make sure that it is like this, then we must bear in mind that if we do not want to do it with strangers, we can deactivate it in the privacy part and for this the following must be taken into account:
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    • We open the application
    • We enter Yo to access our profile
    • Here we are going to enter configuration and privacy
    • In privacy, we have to find who can do a duet with our videos
    • Thus managing to choose if everyone, friends or followers or just us.

    As we are seeing before knowing how to do a duet there is a lot to consider TikTok, one of those things knows where to find the videos for it, so when we have the user with whom we want to do it, we just have to choose a video that we like with just go to our profile and see those that we have published, also doing a search can help us through the hashtags, then it will be enough to go to the home tab and find any video to do a duet with one of our friends, now to have of course How to make a duet when finding the video, we just have to follow the following steps on TikTok:

    • We open the video and we send it to.
    • We choose duet.
    • We record our part of the video.
    • We review it if we want, delete or try again until we finish, then we will only give the next one.
    • From here we will be able to add a caption to our duet and make the settings that determine who can view it.
    • We give it to publish to upload it.
    • From now on it will be presented in our profile.

    Thanks to a recent feature it is possible to make changes to our design of the duet, which allows what we recorded to appear next to the original video, even a reaction design we can choose in TikTok, it will display our piece in a window above the original, on the video recording page these options are found, now we must bear in mind that there is no way to make a duet of these on the PC, only in this we can use the application to navigate, like and share , it is not possible to upload our content.

    As for How to make a duet, this can be for fun, something that can lead us to relate to other users, even as a competition we can do it, also looking for some popularity, with any follower it is possible to do a duet.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to make a duet has been useful to have more fun on TikTok.

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