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2021-03-16 09:45:29

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This time we return with a Discord guide, aiming to explain how to mute users.

What to know about Discord?

It is one of the platforms that serves as a bridge for communication, it turns out to be very popular among the different ones that exist on the internet, it can be used by gaming communities and much more interests, however it is not exempt from situations conflicts, it may sometimes be necessary to know how to silence users, something that can be presented for different reasons, in order to understand it we are going to closely follow the details that come next, let's see.

How to mute users in Discord?

Interaction can be one of the reasons that leads to wanting to know How to silence users in Discord, taking into account that apart from this option there is also the blocking, when someone is silenced from a voice channel, what happens is that You will not be able to hear anything that it publishes, but if the interaction is maintained through text messages, but if we block it, the messages will also be included, now regarding How to silence users in Discord it should be noted that this can be offensive to the blocked person, especially if we are in a united community, thereby achieving in some situations even divisions of the groups that exist here.
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    One detail to consider is that those users who are silenced in Discord will not receive any notification, they can only notice that communication is lost through the channel, but somehow they will be able to notice it, especially if there are many users on that channel, those who They are blocked, they will not be notified either, but when they send messages they will be indicated that they can only be private messages, then seeing How to silence users, can bring peace of mind, when a friend request is sent to us by someone in this situation of silence. , you will be told that no friend requests are received at that moment and for this you must ask for friendship, thus managing to keep those we do not want in a communication at bay, the only thing to do is to indicate your friendship to be added personally.

    • Moment to silence: certainly there are times when you should know how to silence users, but in others we must consider talking first before reaching this action, when we see that when we are in a voice chat and someone is making a lot of fuss, just We can mute it so that the sound does not affect, which can be something simple if there are multiple people in Discord, and it hinders communication, this also benefits the others who are in the channel, then if a more conflictive situation arises as a Threat, harassment or inappropriate action, it is ideal that we take a screenshot and send it to the administration of the Discord platform, prior to blocking the user, even if it is worse to contact the police, where it will not be enough to know how to silence users.
    • How to Silence: what we will do if the user we are going to silence is found in the voice channel is to give his name with the right click of the mouse, and we mark the box that says silence from the menu, while this box is going to remain silenced, even from the list of channel members we can choose, if it is a collective annoyance caused by the entire channel, for the notifications we can click on the name of the channel and silence it, this can be for a limited time of 15 minutes, 1 hour or simply until we want.
    • How to Block: knowing at this point how to silence users, we only have blocking, which is an option where we do not want to interact with a person, then on their name by clicking on their name with the right mouse button All you have to do is choose to block, in this way the result will be instantly, if you are in the friends list, it will be deleted, even doing these steps with your username and profile, we enter a menu where we block it.

    Thus, we finalize our guide on How to mute users, hoping that you can make the most of this option that is presented to you in Discord to face unwanted moments.

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