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The Witcher 3 Romance 2020: Romance Every Character

2020-01-03 13:05:16

The main objective of this article is to talk precisely about the Romance of each character in The Witcher 3.

 The most played RPG today is possible to be The Witcher 3, gaining momentum thanks to the Netflix series, we have that in this game the romance of each character is part of the important elements, it is possible for these characters Yennefer, Triss Marigold, Shani , Keira Metz, and others, in this article we will explain how is the Romance of each character, so let's enter the content to solve these questions that we have in The Witcher 3.

What should we know about the Romance of each character in The Witcher 3?

 For Geralt it is important the female company, in this game apart from food and wine, there are several female characters that will give the opportunity of a romance, for this to be a success we must make movement or say the right thing, being possible until a conflict For getting to fall in love with 2 characters at once, from now on the details will be more accurate with each of the characters in the game, so let's pay the necessary attention below.

How is the romance of each character in The Witcher 3?


Romance Jutta An Dimun

 We have Jutta here a fighter who took the oath to sleep with the man who defeated her in battle, here the option of each character's Romance has advanced upon reaching Skellige, with this we know practically what we have to do specifically, to make this invite us to a battle we must complete the search that has the name of the Iron Maiden, the house of this is in the same area where we fight with Gundar, certainly this romance does not go beyond important as it can be with Triss, Yenn and Metz, but to do them we can all continue in The Witcher 3.

Keria Metz Romance

 We talked about the first opportunity of Romance of each character in The Witcher 3, through a search that leads to the romantic, it is certainly not necessary but for something we are here, we have that Keira Metz is a friend of the white wolf and the sorceress renowned, we will have With Geralt the chance of romance with this one, once we are at the end of A Favor For A Friend Side Quest, we will have dinner with her, where we will arrive at 3 possible options to choose from, we are not in the mood, tell her about someone else or indicate that Sex is not possible twice, it will be our choice.

Romance in the brothel of Kate the cripple

 In The Witcher 3, for the brothel simply with which we pay we will have sex with women, in Novigrad we have the location of the crippled brothel Kate, for each romance you have to pay 20 crowns, just getting to the area is enough, it is not necessary to have correct dialogues and Soft, having access will be enough to have a Romance of each character.

Romance with Madame Sasha

 To have access to a Romance of each character, we have that Madame Sasha is one of the most difficult to achieve, for this it is necessary that we complete the missions of Gwent, so we will unlock this romance in The Witcher 3, everything we must do the side mission, then This is going to ask us for half of our profits, being high cost having sex with Madame Sasha but we will give it to her.

Romance in the brothel of Passiflora

 Advancing in the Romance of each character, in this money will be the access key to this brothel, being more expensive if we compare it with that of the disabled Kate, the cost is 40 crowns, in the same way as in the other brothel No formality or missions of any kind are necessary and it does not influence the relationship with Yennefer or Triss in The Witcher 3.

Romance with Syanna

 Of the Romance of each character we have in this the most relevant, for the scene that brings with it in The Witcher 3, being part of the Blood And Wine DLC, we will meet a character with some darkness, who has gone through complicated life situations, this It is Syanna, in full main search, we have the possible option of going after this or looking for Orianna, obviously we will go to Syanna, we will simply be close to it in the end and we just have to continue doing what we want or avoid it if we want, We will travel with her in the strange lands of the fables.

Romance with Shani

 Advancing in the Romance of each character we have that this is the most complete, instant, which is worthwhile, as part of the download of The Witcher 3's Hearts of Stone, being Shani part of the main search, it is not possible to ignore, We will aim to encourage Shani once we are in A Midnight Clear, with Geralt's abilities we can see the things that will encourage her, we will look for Rowan berries, with this gift we must go to the barn, in full dialogue we will tell her that I You have me, this way Shani will fall in love.

Romance with Triss Merigold

 Of the Romance of each character this is one of the main ones in The Witcher 3 along with Yennefer, ending the latter will not be an option, but if the exit is discovered with both at the same time, it will be a violation, good to have something with Triss , in the main search called a matter of life or death, we have to kiss her at the party when she is drunk and so she will fall into our arms, in the search now or we will never have to help her, the options of dialogues of love and affection we must choose them all and in full search of the now or never we will ask him to stay and it will be ours.

Romance with Yennefer

We have that of all the Romance of each character Yennefer is the first woman we will meet in The Witcher 3, it is the most important romance option, this romance begins with the main search that is called the king is dead - long live the king, with Geralt during this mission we will fall in love, we must tell her that we want to kiss her, later we will advance in the first Romance of each character and we will have the main mission of name there is nothing like home, in this, Yennefer wants to see us privately to have knowledge if we already have an intimate relationship, this is unlocked in the previous mission by kissing it.

 We terminate this explanation presented by our article, which was based specifically on the Romance of each character in The Witcher 3, the guidelines that are in this content are expected to be of great support.

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