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The Witcher 3 - How to Romance Yennefer, Triss, Keira, and Others

2020-01-10 11:13:32

In The Witcher 3 there is room for love and so today we explain How to have Romance

Romantic activities have their space in The Witcher 3, you put not everything is violence and confrontations, because when we go to some main activities we can realize that we can be in love and the characters involved can be Keira, , Yennefer, , Sasha, Triss, Jutta An Duimun, etc., so pay attention to our guide How to have Romance , because, probably we will end up in love.  

How to Have Romance with Keira Metz in The Witcher 3   

Keira is one of the main characters we meet around here.

í, and exactly when we finish the Secondary Search, that there is the possibility that Geralt can get intimate with her and that better than taking her to dinner, it is there where we have the opportunity to choose one of the following options, because here we are free to choose the one that provokes us.

  • We are not in the mood.
  • There is someone else
  • You don't have to ask twice.

How to have Romance with Yennefer in The Witcher 3?   

To Geralt is presented the possibility of being able to know a little more to Yennefer, here we are presented two options of conversation, because this usually happens after finishing the main mission that takes for name The King has died-long life to the King, we must choose

  • Damn it, I want to kiss you, Yen
  • We're going to drown or die.

Geralt has more than one opportunity to get intimate with Yennefer, because when we go in search of the main mission called There's No Place Like Home, we come across her again, because Yennefer will get up and apologize, there we will see that we are very involved with her in such a way that she will ask us to talk privately and then we will go down to see our drunken fellow witches. There is the possibility that we are not involved romantically, because this could happen, in the marriage we will see that those around us simply talk about the past and get drunk.

How to have Romance with Sasha in The Witcher 3  

Sasha is one of the girls that we can get romantically involved with, it happens at the end of the side quest where we are offered to go to a dinner with Knigfisher Inn by Madame Sasha, during the dinner she is looking to get the contest winnings, at least half of them, because the Gwent cards that she has been winning wants to get rid of them, Then, there is an interesting twist in the conversation at the end of the dinner, because it will indicate that we can talk to spend the night upstairs, that is where we will have to choose if what we are looking for here is simply a carnal encounter, which can easily happen

How to have Romance with Triss in The Witcher 3?  

Tris is one of the romantically involved that we can find at the end of the Secondary Search, here we have two very interesting dialogue options, that will lead us to reach the same result that we have desired:

  • Telling her to stay with us.
  • Saying goodbye to her and leaving.

Any of the options that we choose will not make any difference, because in one way or another she will enter the boat, only that if we give a carnal encounter she will put some conditions that we must fulfill and they are the following ones.

  • Tell her that you love her and that you are still nice to her.
  • We accept to help her with the magicians during the Secondary Search: now or never.
  • Kiss her at the dance during the Secondary Quest: A matter of life or death.

How to have Romance with Jutta An Dimun in The Witcher 3?  

We can visit her after completing the Side Quest Iron Maiden, because that's where Jutta will ask us to visit her and spend the evening with her, if her house is next to the place where we have fought against Gundar, this in case we decide to accept her invitation, if our interest is not her, since we won't always say yes to everything, then let's just help her with her request of the "cruel Freya trick".

How to have Romance with the Crippled Kate Puppet in The Witcher 3?  

Kate's puppet is available for us, but the cost for allowing us to access it is 20 crowns, we choose how to proceed simply by going to Novigrad where Kate is located, it is good to note that this option comes if any of the previous carnal encounters were not for us.

Why choose Triss or Yennefer to romance in The Witcher 3?

These two girls are a dilemma for us so much so that it has even become a debate on the internet, but we just have to choose who we like more, Yennefer and Geralt seem to be made for each other, because here we see many romantic encounters, perhaps it is the best affinity we can get, equally it is a complicated decision, on the contrary and changing more the picture with Triss generally is the option to hang out and continue, but one way or another is a complex dilemma, it only depends on us to choose one of them in this game.

We have concluded this The Witcher 3 guide where we hope you already have a clear idea of How to have Romance , because falling in love is an interesting option here.

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