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Minecraft: how to beat the wither boss

2020-01-10 10:54:44

We have that article will be all the guidelines to follow to know how to beat the boss wither in Minecraft.

 We have that in Minecraft the cross is the only hostile mob that we can do ourselves, this will be necessary so that we can achieve how to defeat the wither boss, the guidelines that we must take into account, we will have them in this content of this article, the Initial recommendation is to pay attention below.

What should we know about the wither boss in Minecraft?

 Looking for how to beat the wither boss we have to consider that this boss mob, uses explosive skulls against his opponents, which is not instantly and we can count on some time before he realizes that it was created for another purpose different, this Boss is very hostile against all the mobs, but when they are zombies and skeletons, when faced, the sky will go dark and a purple bar will appear, being the preamble of the battle that we will have From start to finish, the hostile mobs that will be 3 in this case are hard to beat, but if we manage to breed one it will be a chance to fight, the following of this content will give us more help on how to beat the wither boss in Minecraft.

What do we have to do to breed a cross in Minecraft?

 We need the right resources to accomplish this and how to beat the wither boss, it is different, in this case we have to place the objects in a certain order on the floor, we will put 4 blocks of sand of the soul in the form of T, now with 3 blocks wide, in the middle block we will place a low one, the following is to use the skulls of cross skeletons, there are 3 in total those that we are going to put in the three upper blocks above, the skull of the skeleton has to go placed last, if we do not do so we fail.

 When the health bar grows the cross will become much larger, but in this state it will not be possible to do something, when this happens, we will have to create an explosion capable of causing a damage of 68, so if not we want to be in the impact zone we have to get out of the range of the explosion, it is important that we do this in open areas, because we will need the space to defend ourselves when we start against the launching of the explosive skulls and thus we advance in how beat the wither boss.

 How to get wither skulls in Minecraft?

 To generate a cross it is necessary that we have the skulls of skeletons, these can be obtained in the fortresses and the Nether, appearing with swords of stones, from 1 to 5 in a group, among things like bones and coal, it is considered 2.5 percent chance that a cross-skeleton skull will fall, if we kill it with a loaded vine it will almost certainly drop a skull.

 How to beat the wither boss in Minecraft?

 We are fortunate that a cross is immune to fire, lava and drowning damage, of course it is important the damage we can cause with additional weapons, the blow of enchantment will serve, which will put us at the advantage of using a table of enchantment for an extra impulse in a diamond sword, to keep us distant it is idea to use the bow, since the cross damages every block that touches, but it is important that our bow is enchanted with power and infinity too, so as not to stay behind we have to help the load enchantment, the amount of arcs we have to consider it to not be short in the middle of the fight.

 In many states the cross presents immunity in Minecraft, instantaneous health damages it, despite being cured by the instantaneous damage, compared to other undead mobs, they have large amounts of potions that allow them to regenerate health and those of type forces used to cause additional damage with the method of elaboration, depending on the difficulty will be the different reactions, sometimes at half the health of the cross the skeletons appear, with twice as many skulls released according to their way, the lower the health of the cross will become more aggressive, which does not show that the fight will be intense until the end of how to defeat the wither boss.

Cross attacks are from skulls that explode projectile type, which will be the reason more than enough for us to stay at a distance, multiple shots per second, regardless of the target.

  •  Blue skulls: They are the strongest when it comes to generating more damage, but they are slower and break the resistance of 4 explosions above the blocks.
  • Black skulls: It is not possible for this to break blocks with superior resistance of 20 and its explosion radius is one.

What is the effect of wither skulls in Minecraft?

 A blow of these causes our heart to turn black, causing the same effects of a poison, our health will slowly run out, with drinking milk or a totem of death it is possible to reverse it. Once we know how to beat the wither boss in Minecraft, our reward is the star of Nether, this helps us to make a lighthouse, which causes players who are close to state effects.

 With this we can say that we have finished this article, in which we talk with the guidelines that covered how to beat the wither boss in Minecraft, so following this content it will be possible that the objective in question is of easy solution.

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