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The Sims are usually quite close to reality, and for this reason we will tell you how to turn off wants and fears in Sims 4.

Why disable desires and fears in Sims 4?

Because there are some occasions in which these are usually a reason for addiction and whim, so it is necessary to know how to turn off wants and fears in The Sims 4 because in some cases this can be a not very pleasant experience, in this case there is a recent update that has managed to add some type of content, called expansions where we will see additions of improvements and functions.

How to turn off wants and fears in Sims 4?

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Desires and fears are part of the most recent features that this game has, we can activate and deactivate them if we consider it necessary, in order to do so it is necessary:

  • Open the pause menu and click Options.
  • Then, we must go to the Game section, where we will get the box that can be unchecked.

By turning off this functionality, the Sims will not be able to express what they consider doing, they will not be afraid either, of course, this can change when we consider it necessary, there are some times where we can activate it again, and it will only be enough to return to the pause menu one more time.

In the event that the wishes are activated, the Sims will be able to decide the personality, to the point that they can have around 3, but this does not stop there, there are also short and long-term reactions, here we can choose to earn points satisfaction or ignore them, this is up to us.

On the other hand, the fear that makes it necessary usually develops as our Sim lives life, sometimes it can increase the ability to develop fear, this varies according to the experience, and it will be what determines how to overcome it.

This is all you need to know about How to turn off wants and fears in Sims 4, so it is necessary to apply this action when we consider it feasible.

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