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We embark on a quest to tell you Where to find the keys in The Mortuary Assistant.

What are the keys in The Mortuary Assistant?

  These are nothing more than a couple of deceptive objects that are available in this game and that have the ability to lead us to a somewhat more complex ending to discover, this is part of the surprises that are reserved in this game and that is done need to discover.

Where to find the keys in The Mortuary Assistant?

  This is a necessary search that we must carry out and it is that we can describe the end of the basement as the most difficult to discover and this is due to the two elusive keys, this makes it necessary to focus first on the key that usually opens the storage room and it is in the basement, we will have to interact to get out of the way, the drawer we are looking for is usually located to the left of the room in front of the PC, here are two access cards and after finding them we must:
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Going to the cremation room when the hatch appears and this is a random event, this makes it necessary to be vigilant.

Then, we must go through the hatch and the next door until we are taken to heads with which we can interact and write down the numbers of the foreheads.

We continue to interact with a grave and leave the scene to unfold, then we will return to the embalming room from the outside and go to the window counter where a body would be placed, a darkened keyboard can be seen in the left unit.

We will have to interact with the keyboard and enter the numbers that we have seen in the heads, these are: 197044 and we will use the hatch key to get to the basement and its back, we must use the first key, the one from the storage room and proceed To explore, we must finish this task by burning the correct body.


  We can conclude this search about Where to find the keys in The Mortuary Assistant, we will just have to mobilize a little and that's it.

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