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As we get deeper we can find outfits in the games, let's see How to get Minnie’s Dinner-Party Gown In Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What is Minnie's party dress in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  This is an interesting outfit, it is a polka dot dress and to get it we must work a bit, this makes it necessary to take care of completing a mission called The Club Renewal and by doing so, we can gather Cheerful Chums Club, so we invite you to keep reading because here you will get information of interest.

How to get Minnie’s Dinner-Party Gown In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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  • This is a task for which we must take care of completing Minnie's level 10 friendship mission.
  • First we must take care of increasing Minnie's friendship level before starting the search for The Club Renewal.
  • During the search we must gather Cheerful Chum Club.
  • This is a quest that we can start in the Glade of Trust, a banner lost a while ago.
  • When we find the banner we must repair it and for this we require 20 Fabric and 10 Gold Nuggets.
  • We can make red dye with the mentioned items, such is the case of fabrics, we only need cotton and we will get it on the Sunlit Plateau.


  To make the red wine we require:


  •   1 empty vial that we can make with sand and coal ore.
  • 2 squids that we will get in Glade of Trust or Forgotten Lands
  • 2 garnets that we will get in the Plaza or in the Prado de la Paz.


  In Cheerful Chums Club banner we can create you and place the item somewhere in our house, then we have to take a photo of it with all the members and we will be rewarded with Minnie's party dress.

  In this sense, knowing how to get Minnie’s Dinner-Party Gown In Disney Dreamlight Valley allows us to receive an outfit from Minnie's hands directly, we will only work a little to achieve it and that's it.

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