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Angel Marquez
2021-01-28 01:10:42

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We invite you to discover how to enter Thomas's secret office, a new task in The Medium.

What to know about The Medium?

Once on the second floor of the Niwa hotel we have to find Sadness, we have to outside Thomas's office with Marianne, when we have investigated the clock we will discover that there is a key on the broken desk, in relation to the office is introduces a change to the spirit world by manipulating the hands of the clock, then it is a conflict not being able to enter this place, so it is timely to have an idea on how to enter the secret office of Thomas and the details are below.
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How to get into Thomas's secret office in The Medium?

Clockwise access is necessary first, this to the left of the office, what we will do is locate the desk key that is in the center of the room, and then use it also on the clock, then we will make the turn of clockwise in the direction of the early point where we will go, we will do it with the analog stick on the left, with which a ball of spiritual energy will appear to get closer and in this we press the A to be able to absorb it, after we do this there is To return to the clock and move the hands will make the secret door appear again in the corner of the room on the left, once we see the bright light coming out of it, it means that it is open, which will lead us to an additionally bodily experience is to hold down the B so that he can control himself with Marianne in the spirit world, and we can enter through the door.

 Knowing how to get into Thomas's secret office is interesting, because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in The Medium.

Microsoft Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S
Psychological horror
Bloober Team
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Unreal Engine 4
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28 January 2021
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