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This article is quite comprehensive, because it has everything you need on how to find the mentor diary page at The Medium.

What is the mentor diary page for in The Medium?

The page is one of those collectibles that you can find in the game and taking into account that finding the seven collectibles will allow you to unlock the secret achievement "Devouring Darkness", which is worth 40 Gamerscore.

But you must find all the pages in the same game, which complicates things. But here we will tell you how to find the mentor's diary page.

How to find the mentor diary page in The Medium?

Below we list the location of the 7 pages.
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    • An apology: You will be able to find the first page after going through a hole in the Niwa Hotel floor> access the room with the Spirit Well that you will have to light with an object. This will allow you to obtain Spirit Energy to burn the moths in the other hall. First of all, walk behind the peers to Marianne's left as she falls> turn left into the bathroom and look for the page in the sink.
    • Discarding the greatness: Then you will have to head to the Dayroom Center of the scene with Sadness. Enter the room> turn left of the desks and follow them to the box on the table, where you can find the page next to a drawing of a horse.
    • A very special boy: In the previous location, move along the wall until you find a sofa with which you have to interact to get the next page.
    • An insane method: From the sofa, move along the wall until you find a side room where you will find a globe on a table. On the left side of the room you will see the page on a table.
    • A well of inspiration: In the main room you will have to advance on the other side past the door that blocks the moths. There is a mural on the right side wall, but you will have to inspect the chair to find the next page.
    • Growing Apart: When you get the key to the master's room in Dayroom Cente and it's locked by the wall mural. You'll have to go in when it opens and check the desk at the back to get the other page.
    • A New Home: The final Mentor's Journal entry is below after using your Spirit Shield to advance past the swarm of moths. Enter the room and go to the right and look for the page on the back table on the graffiti wall.

     In this way, we end our guide on how to find the mentor diary page in The Medium, you should have no problem finding the pages now that you know the detailed locations, so go ahead!

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