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As we get into a game we are allowed to apply various flaws, let's see How to heal in The Callisto Protocol.

What does healing imply in The Callisto Protocol?

Apply mechanics that allow us to replenish our health, as you will see, we are immersed in a horror survival game, and it is usually plagued by aggressive enemies, it is important to take into account that health does not usually replenish itself after a few seconds of inactivity, to know that we are in good health, it will only be enough to observe the health implant, this is usually green, when it changes to orange it means that we are close to death, for this reason it is necessary to heal and to tell you about it, we are here.

How to heal in The Callisto Protocol?

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    We must bear in mind that before using a health injector we must find it and this is usually inside the boxes that are mounted on the wall, these are usually seen with an icon similar to two drug capsules on the front.

    The boxes where the injectors are usually gray and in block, this makes it necessary to be aware.

    Another of the mechanics to run to find injectors is usually inside loot boxes that are usually easy to spot and are mounted on the wall.

    It should be noted that these boxes are usually a kind of chest, they are not always easy to reach, but they are also quite difficult to lose.

    Knowing how to heal in The Callisto Protocol makes it necessary to loot the injectors of the enemies we have defeated, when these enemies fall they will reveal the loot they may have, this makes it necessary to take care of looting corpses and to achieve it, we must stomp on it and press Triangle or Y When doing so, the loot is shown to us, and we can pick it up off the floor.

    When having the health injector we are shown two ways to use it and in this case, we will press the button below quickly to use the injector, we proceed to press the D-pad for a few seconds to complete the injection, this is usually done faster through the inventory screen, it should be noted that the tutorial does not indicate how to open the inventory screen, but this is usually done by pressing the D-pad.

    It is possible to find a health gel and this usually occurs more frequently, but it is not usually added to the inventory, it only gives us a health boost when we pick it up, this only favors us when we have low health, otherwise it is better don't pick him up

    Now that you know how to heal in The Callisto Protocol you can launch yourself on this quest and thus stay safe.

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