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There are various places to get in the games and that is why we will explain how to get more Safehouses in Need for Speed Unbound.

What does it mean to find more Safehouses in Need for Speed Unbound?

  Having some necessary locations that are usually favorable to demonstrate everything we have and that we have achieved in the Lakeshore street racing challenges, this is practically a safe house, above all, this is usually necessary considering that the police are usually many faster and more brutal, they will be interested in doing everything they can to stop us.

How to get more Safehouses in Need for Speed Unbound?

  As we progress it becomes necessary to have safe places to:
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  • Hide from the heat
  • Customize our cars.



 Rydell's Rides: this is the first safe house we have achieved in this game, however, it is not enough, considering that the number of policemen that are usually around these parts and it is quite large, it is necessary to take care of stepping on the accelerator in Lakeshore to unlock shelters in the game, it is good to know that as we progress, by doing so we get places where we are allowed to lower the heat, in addition to being able to work on our cars.

It is necessary to take into account that we are allowed to have the ability to unlock a trip, a fast travel system that allows us to start from a certain location, this usually occurs while we are looking for new races to join.

 It is good to know that this game usually takes place in a city that does not exist in real life and that is usually called Lakeshore City, this is usually based on Chicago and is usually wrapped in an open environment.

 This installment of NFS usually has a gameplay similar to previous installments where we will focus on street racing, the important thing is to gain notoriety among the police and make some customizations of the cars.

 This is all you need to know about How to get more Safehouses in Need for Speed Unbound, these allow us to serve as safe places and where we can do tasks of interest.

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December 2, 2022
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