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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-08-28 18:54:40

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If you want to know how to complete the Mary-Ann bedroom door puzzle in Tell Me Why, you have to read what we prepared for you today.

What is the Mary-Ann Bedroom Door Puzzle in Tell Me Why.

This is a puzzle that you will have to complete during the first episode for which you will have to choose the correct combination of animals in three small dials on the door to open it and unlock the achievement "Cunning goblins" to solve the puzzle.

How to complete the Mary-Ann bedroom door puzzle in Tell Me Why.

To get straight to the point, if you want to complete this puzzle, what you have to do is select the following animals in this order to solve the bedroom door puzzle:
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  • I raised.
  • Bear.
  • Pelican.

If you want to complete the puzzle on your own you will have to review the Book of the Elves in History, specifically the story called "The Princess Party", in which the princess receives gifts from different animals. Your task will be to investigate which animal would give each gift, keep in mind that the order in which the animals enter the bedroom door puzzle is indicated by the order of the gifts on the first page of The Princess Party.

Moose gave him the torch to see to ensure that the princess make good from evil.

The bear gave the princess the sword so that she was always protected if she was ever under threat.

The Pelican gave the Princess the bag of coins so that she would have money to buy food when she is hungry and clothes when she is cold.

So ends our article on how to complete the Mary-Ann bedroom door puzzle in Tell Me Why, we hope that now that you have it, you will be able to complete the puzzle as soon as possible and you can keep moving forward. Remember that we have much more content about the game that will be useful to you.

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