2020-08-28 11:40:18

ATTENTION! Today we will teach you how to use one of the most useful tools of NBA 2K21, today we will tell you how to use shot meter.

What is the NBA 2K21 Throw Meter?

It is a new tool that we can find in the new installment of the number one basketball simulator in the world, which cannot shoot by pushing the stick directly down or using the fire button.

How to use shot meter in NBA 2K21?

To use the meter what you have to do is time the launch for where the light gray section of the meter appears in each shot taken when using the fire button and not the stick.
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The fire button turns shots into a timing minigame, so be careful when taking a shot.

Keep in mind that the shooting stick turns shots into a precision challenge, so you won't have to time anything when using the stick.

When you want to use the stick to shoot you will have to pull it down and keep the yellow line in the middle of the gray area on the shot meter and make sure you are close for more precision.

That's all you have to know if you're wondering how to use shot meter in NBA 2K21, we hope now that you can get a lot out of the shot meter when the game starts.

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