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2023-05-25 15:55:01

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Check out our guide to learn the best strategies on How To Get Stealthfin Trout in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

If you're a fan of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you know that finding the right ingredients can make all the difference in the game. One of the most useful ingredients you can collect is the Stealthfin Trout. Not only does it enhance Link's stealth, but it also helps to make his armor even more effective. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know to catch Stealthfin Trout and use it effectively in the game.


Stealthfin Trout are a type of fish that can be found in the waters of Hyrule. According to the game, "These fish are known for their unique scales, which contain an enzyme that increases stealth. Eating dishes made with them will suppress noise." Additionally, when used in cooking recipes, the fish can enhance concentration, making it easier for Link to focus on his tasks.


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Stealthfin Trout can be found in several locations across the game. However, the most common location for these fish is the Great Hyrule Forest. This area is home to a variety of fish, but the Stealthfin Trout can easily be spotted at night, as they glow in the dark. To navigate the forest and find the fish, players should follow the sounds of running water, as the fish tend to congregate near waterfalls and streams.

 Fishing Techniques

To catch Stealthfin Trout, players should use a variety of fishing techniques. The best equipment to use is the basic fishing rod, as it allows for greater precision when casting. Additionally, players should use bait that is specific to the fish they are trying to catch. In this case, the best bait to use is the Hyrule Bass, as it is a common prey of the Stealthfin Trout.

One technique that works well for catching these fish is to cast the line near a waterfall or stream and let it drift downstream. The Stealthfin Trout are more likely to bite when the bait is moving, so this technique can be very effective. Another technique is to cast the line near the shore and use a slow, steady retrieve to mimic the movement of the Hyrule Bass.

Cooking Recipes

Once players have caught their Stealthfin Trout, they can use it in a variety of cooking recipes. One recipe that works well is the Stealthfin Trout Sushi, which can be made by combining the fish with rice and vinegar. This dish not only enhances stealth, but it also restores some health.

Another recipe that can be made with Stealthfin Trout is the Sneaky Steamed Fish. This dish is made by combining the fish with a silent shroom and some rice. It enhances stealth and can be used to help Link sneak by enemies undetected.

Overall, Stealthfin Trout is an incredibly useful ingredient in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. By catching these fish and using them in cooking recipes, players can enhance Link's stealth and make it easier to navigate the game. With the right fishing techniques and equipment, players can easily catch these fish in the Great Hyrule Forest and use them to their advantage.

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