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2020-09-25 08:59:22

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This time we return with a Super Mario 64 guide with the objective of explaining Where to find Yoshi.

What to know about Yoshi in Super Mario 64?

It is necessary that we find Yoshi, since he will add us 99 lives, also the capacity of our jump will be improved up to three times and without hurting ourselves with the fall, certainly this is possible or ideal when we have completed the game, already that due to the main story we will never make contact with it, we must consider the need to complete the game with the 120 stars that we will find in the different levels, but knowing where to find a Yoshi is possible only when completing the game and complying with the requirements that we have highlighted, now continue reading the next content and thus access more precise details.
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Where to find Yoshi in Super Mario 64?

Taking into account the key aspects to find Yoshi and that they are fulfilled, we are going to go to the roof of the castle to find him, we only have to launch with the cannon that is outside the castle to reach Yoshi's location, in this way we can count on the couple of advantages that this character offers us to improve our performance in the game, now that we can go through the different scenarios freely.

This is all there is to know about Where to find Yoshi, we just have to apply the details and continue the fun at Super Mario 64.

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