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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-22 16:28:45

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Our goal at Super Mario 64 is simply to win and for this you need to know how to do a backward somersault

What is the long jump backward somersault in Super Mario 64?

This is just one necessary movement that we can carry out in this game and it allows us to have the possibility of taking as much advantage of it as possible, as it can be executed when we do not have the opportunity to perform a normal jump.

How to do a backward somersault in Super Mario 64?

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These types of jumps are called somersaults and can be classified as a simple movement, the advantage is that it does not require multiple entries, which is simply interesting, since we only need to have a high lake that allows us to move, and turn our backs. forward to the ledge on which we want, this will send us high back.

To perform a back somersault it is only necessary to squat down and hold down ZL, then to proceed to perform the jump itself we need to press B, this allows us to rise high, move the control lever and make Mario move.

This is all you need to know about How to do a backward somersault, as it is not complicated at all and we can do it whenever we want in Super Mario 64.

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