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Our tour of Summer In Mara leads us to discover how to get nails and here we explain how to do it.

Why get nails at Summer In Mara?

  Our work for this world has a number of activities that make it relevant and with many options to carry it out, since the idea is to accommodate everything in our favor, starting to get most of the available missions completed, especially counting that the nails are necessary to be able to build the chicken coop, but this means having to leave the comfort of our native island to enter other spaces where it will be necessary to carry out said construction, only this is somewhat complex because one of the important things that we must consider is to follow the main mission that allows us to leave our island and go to the port of Quals.
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    How to get nails in Summer In Mara?

     Our life in this game is quite moved, and this leads us to have to depend in a certain way on the old woman because it is precisely she who will introduce us to Yopu and Akaji, this second character is simply a blacksmith, but to get to this point first we will have to have completed at least 5 to 10 missions.

     Akaji will finally see her here and this means that it is finally time to talk to her, it is only necessary to go to the lighthouse, she will ask us to carry out a search and after that it is possible to approach us, because she will be selling some important items, only here is It is necessary to have some coins, because among the elements it has some nails that we require to build the chicken coop and you can sell them to us for a value of 16 coins. Then comes the construction process and the opportunity to look for the chickens that we are going to place in our chicken coop. The good thing is that there are enough throughout the island.

     As long as we do not follow the corresponding steps, it will probably be difficult to reach our goal, since this is an afternoon that must be followed to the letter, look for the chicken icons on the map, generally we can see them floating in the ocean, we just have to take them and take them to our construction, but this does not end here because when we have already completed this work the possibility of being able to make our nails is finally shown, since we will be able to unlock the shed and this can be interesting since it is possibly not the only task of construction with which we get from these sides.

     Now that you know how to get your nails, you are ready to follow the path in this adventure that is just beginning but already feels quite fantastic and they have called Summer In Mara.

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