Angel Marquez
2020-06-16 11:07:52

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New challenges in Summer In Mara lead us to teach you how to make a hoe in precise detail.

What to know about the hoe in Summer In Mara?

  The improvement of our hoe becomes a guarantee of access to many resources, so we must look for a hoe that is improved with which to access the resources that we see in a common way in the game, it is possible that it is the first improved tool to which we will have the opportunity to update, it is necessary that we have progressed to reach the island of Qalis, here we will get other NPCs, shops to make purchases such as seeds and supplies, also different missions to perform, especially the Koa will be our focus, now if we want to know how to make a hoe, this guide will provide us with all the necessary details, just paying attention to its content will suffice, so let's do it.
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How to make a hoe in Summer In Mara?

We have to complete different tasks when being here, it will actually be something simple, we will convince the old woman who is in the lighthouse to speak with us, by helping the other people of Qalis with different tasks, having among these searches of the novel and the seashells in between and so we will talk to her, then she will ask us to look for the Yaya flower, which is found in the grave of the same Yaya that is on the native island near the source of fuel, but before we get the flower we need to talk to Caleb at the Qalis dock, he is going to help us make an improved hoe, so we have to grow seeds, because 2 carrots are required and 3 lettuces, it is possible at this point that we have carrots and that there are some lettuce crops in the small gardens of Qalis, in which case we will get the seeds for free, when we complete the search we will have the recipe waiting da, which consists of 5x wood and 5x metal, in this way we access the improved hoe.

 We hope that the information on how to make a hoe is very useful for you to have fun at Summer In Mara.