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In Valorant the movements are crucial, so today we will see How to jump like a rabbit (Bunny-Hop).

 One of the biggest details with which we must be careful while we are in Valorant are the movements, since each of them can guide us either to get out graceful or simply to fall, but if we focus on the rabbit jump we can probably do it with more comfort, because on the one hand we run and on the other we manage to dodge, it is only necessary to focus on the positive that we can execute, especially having the command with the keyboard and the mouse in our favor.

How to assign Bunny-Hop movement in Valorant?

 Before knowing how to jump like a rabbit (Bunny-Hop) it is necessary to consider that we can normally assign it, since the idea is that with this movement we are allowed to cover some amount of space in a very short time, managing to perform some movements between right and left and that this allows us to cover a considerable distance, it is also ideal above all to get the possibility of dodging some spells or simply bullets that could be launched by the agents and to assign this jump it will only be necessary to use the left or right key from the keyboard, and with the space bar we jump.
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    How to jump like a rabbit (Bunny-Hop) in Valorant?

    The first thing we need is to make some adjustments since by nature it is not possible to make rabbit jumps (Bunny-Hop), since Valorant specifically has a CS: GO Autoexec.cfg file that does not allow it, so it is up to us to modify, this It means that we must leave aside the keys that have been designed by default in WASD and choose to reassign them, in this way.

    •  We will go to Game Settings.
    • Next to Control and from there we will click on Jump.
    • Then we turn the backspace of the mouse or simply choose to press it.
    • Finally we apply the settings and one.


     It is necessary to consider the optimization of Valorant Windows as this specifically allows us to achieve excellent performance, especially considering that this is extremely necessary since it is a shooting game and the only idea of ​​knowing How to jump like a rabbit (Bunny-Hop) gives us Place a step forward, as we will only make some simple changes such as deactivating some graphic options that probably do not interest us or are not necessary.

    To perform the Bunny-Hop, it will only be necessary to let our thumb relax and proceed to press the scroll wheel of the mouse, as this means that the other hand will be free for other movements and skills, it is quite simple , but on some occasions it is necessary to practice it, for which it is vital to take a walk and explore the map, perhaps this will ease our tension a little and leave us fully prepared to continue the battles that will be waiting for us.

     This is all we can tell you about How to Jump Like a Rabbit (Bunny-Hop), as it is quite a useful move that we can perform in Valorant.

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