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Lidia Rozo
2020-06-16 17:43:36

More about: Summer In Mara

This time we return to the world of Summer In Mara in order to explain how to unlock the mill to obtain flour

  Normally grinding wheat to make flour is not a very complicated task, but if we do not have the mill, we simply cannot do anything, since it is necessary to have it to make some interesting recipes.

What does Summer In Mara bring to us?

Not everything here is getting tools, growing plants, exploring, because there is also the possibility of preparing some recipes and therefore it is necessary to know how to unlock the flour mill, only that we get ourselves in a situation where we are not shown any place where we can do it, as well as some place where we can buy it, but this has a solution and it is that sometimes it is necessary to have to ignore some missions that are clearly related to flour.
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How to unlock the mill to get flour in Summer In Mara?

 This world makes us work on a few missions before we can get into the manufacture of flour, which implies the need to unlock the mill, in addition to requiring the help of the old woman from the lighthouse, and a friend who will ask us to have the improved hammer, as they are useful tools that we must have on hand and ready for any situation that requires them.

 It will be necessary to count at least 60 percent of the missions carried out, with all these requirements it is necessary to go with our friend who will ask us to speak with Awan as soon as we make our stables and we are back in town, because he was in charge of giving us the recipe necessary to build the mill and proceed to unlock the flour recipe, we will do this as soon as we return to the island, because in this way we will give wheat an excellent use, since here we get as we go through some recipes that probably They will be necessary to us and these tools will be needed at the time if we do not get them from now on.

This is all we know about How to unlock the mill to obtain flour because with it we can get excellent recipes while we are immersed in Summer In Mara.

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