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Knowing where to find the sulfur cave is simply a necessary task that we came across in Subnautica and to explain it we came here.

What is the sulfur in Subnautica?

In this game where we are offered the opportunity to dive and choose to explore the flora and fauna in the depths of the sea, we are offered the possibility of finding some resources that can be used for favorable purposes. In this sense, knowing where to find the sulfur cave leads us to consider the option of venturing in search of another resource from which it is possible to take advantage of being in the ocean and even when this exploration task may become complex it will be worth the effort, because we are allowed to get an ideal material to build:

  • The repair tool.
  • The laser cutter.

Where to find the sulfur cave in Subnautica?

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    This search takes us on an adventure that leads us to embark on an exploration activity at the bottom of the ocean where we get murky enough waters, in addition to some fish that can be explosive, for this it is necessary to reach the bottom and choose to pay attention to the starfish because this will be precisely the one that will notify us that we are in the right place, as it will make enough noise, and it is not possible to leave because doing it quickly simply will not leave the fish, however approaching it will only make it come out of the silver quickly and can chase us causing an explosion, only that it will be necessary to be as skilled as possible to attack and defeat it, because this will keep the sulfur plant open and we are allowed access to take the sulfur, we must also destroy the plant if we want this star fish to never appear again.

    How to use cave sulfur in Subnautica?

    There are several artifacts in which we can use this element, the important thing is that we give it a deserved use because the effort to achieve it is very great and it is not worth wasting it, so it is necessary to choose to manufacture:

    The laser cutter.

    • Cave sulfur
    • Battery
    • Titanium
    • 2 diamonds.

    Repair tool.

    • Sulfur from the cave.
    • Titanium.
    • Silicone rubber.


    • 5 sulfur.

    In general terms, knowing Where to find the sulfur cave makes us take care of visiting a somewhat complex and dangerous place, since nothing can be achieved in a simple way and it is well demonstrated in Subnautica.

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