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The tasks in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War - Warzone tend to be more and more interesting so we tell you How to get the Ray gun in Zombies.

What is the Ray Gun in Zombies in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War - Warzone?

  This is simply another artifact with which we can get just that it implies looking for an enemy that usually drops it, because as we progress and with the new season, close enough we are allowed to have the possibility of working a little more and of this way to get other implements that somehow can serve us, being an interesting part of the most recent updates in Zombies Outbreak.
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How to get the Ray gun in Zombies in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War - Warzone?

 Our work begins with the search for an enemy named Ronald Raygun, since this is usually a rare zombie with a pink crest and a punk outfit, which implies combat boots and a leather jacket, since visualizing it in the game is quite simple because it usually stands out quite a bit, it is necessary to be attentive because when dying he will drop the Ray pistol, only that this search can become somewhat random, which implies playing Outbreak as we usually do regularly, since there are no particular requirements to make this character appear in a certain place.

It is necessary to focus on completing the maps and in the same way avoid fast races, since these make us end up skipping part of the content, this character usually appears at any time which makes determining it specifically not an option, because it is only It is necessary to take care of playing enough and apart from getting the gun there is the possibility of getting an ammunition mod and an ether tool.

 Definitely, knowing How to get the Ray pistol in Zombies allows us to get a weapon in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War - Warzone, now we just have to continue enjoying it because this game still promises a lot.

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