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2022-10-11 09:36:57

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Find out how to set up a Capcom ID in Street Fighter 6 in this excellent and explanatory guide.

What to know about the Capcom ID in Street Fighter 6?

With the arrival of this installment we have the closed beta, only that first you have to configure the Capcom ID to be able to participate in this version of the game, to have an idea of how to do it, let's take into account the following content, let's see.

How to set a Capcom ID in Street Fighter 6?

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What we will win is to go to the official page of the game to enter the option that indicates obtaining a Capcom ID, here we will create the ID with the data that is required and create our account, now we return to the game page to link our ID from Capcom with the platform that we are going to use, being Xbox, PlayStation or Steam, the next thing is that we make the request for the closed beta, only that the entry queue is quite large, at some point we will receive an email that tells us the same, it is important to be 18 years old for this request, while if for any reason we delete our Capcom ID it will be canceled instantly.

It is evident that knowing how to set a Capcom ID in Street Fighter 6 allows us to have more fun with this new installment in its closed beta.

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