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Angel Marquez
2021-01-05 15:39:54

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Delve into the universe of Epic Game, where we will guide you on How to move your game.

What to know about Epic Game?

  It is a platform that we use for games, it is important to consider that for the transfer of games it may be affected when using this launcher, considering that it is the standard of many games at this moment, the process can become confusing, so why have an idea of how to move your game you just have to pay attention to the content that will be explained below.
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How to move your game in Epic Game?

The change that we will make can be to 3 destinations, a folder, unit and PC, we must consider that if we do not take into account the steps to follow we can lose all the data of the game, then for any of the 3 options we have steps are as follows:


  •  Make a backup copy before moving it, so we will go to the path of C: Program files I named the game *, in some cases it may be different
  • We open the application to enter the library
  • Enter the 3 points of the game, and we click on uninstall
  • We install in the location to which we will move, once it reaches 3 percent we must hit the 3 points and cancel the installation
  • What we will do is exit this launcher and copy the backup copy to the new destination to install the game, we give it itself and the download of the files begins
  • Now we enter the launcher again, and we must continue the download, where it will go through the file verification system.
  • After the process is complete we can play from the new location of the files.


 We can conclude that knowing how to move your game is easier once we have the knowledge of these steps to follow in Epic Game.

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