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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-24 16:42:24

More about: Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

We are still immersed in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town, and it is for the purpose of telling you How to get pets.

What kind of pets can we have in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town?

Who does not like the company of a furry, because sometimes they are usually friendlier than a human, in this game it is no different, because it is possible to get dogs or cats so that they can be our pets, after all, what better accompanying them to be in our daily life that is nothing more and nothing less than agriculture?

How to get pets in Story of Seasions Pioneers of Olive Town?

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There is the possibility of getting dogs and cats here, because it will only be enough to have enough resources, choose to select it and buy it in the store, for this it is necessary to go to the lower corner on the left side where we will talk to Bridget in the "Store of Animals ", we press the option" Buy pet ", there we will see the list of animals and their respective prices, now, these pets usually do activities in the house, as they can run everywhere, we can take care of caressing them and making them feel loved We are also allowed to participate in a kind of mini-game and if we win it we get a gold trophy in addition to 5,000 G.

 To buy a pet it is necessary to press A and confirm, since the most relevant thing here is the money to carry out this transaction.

 These are the pets that we can buy in this game:

 For a value of 2,000 G we can get:

  •  Shiba Inu
  • Shiba Inu black
  • Shiba Inu white.
  • Pomeranian
  • Black mixed cat
  • Mixed cat
  • American short hair.
  • Scottish fold
  • Calico

 For a value of 3,000 G we get:

  •  Labrador retriever
  • Bernese Mountain Dog.
  • Siberian Husky.
  • Border Collie.
  • Mixed brown striped cat
  • Persian.
  • Maine Coon.

 Now that you know how to get pets, you have time to go for a partner and enjoy the best moments in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town.

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