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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-24 16:35:05

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Today's guide to Discord lets us explain how to fix Crashing, let's see.

What is the purpose of fixing Crashing in Discord?

This is simply a bug that has been presented recently and has managed to cause us some accidents, as these are directly related to the updates of said platform, or usually have something to do with the cache memory, whatever is an inconvenience and therefore knowing how to fix Crashing has become a vital task, as they tend to be presented as a type of crashes for which it is necessary to take a look around here and take the solution for PC and mobile.
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How to fix Crashing in Discord?

There are several solutions to get rid of this problem and they are:

Choose to delete the AppData content of Discord and proceed to clean the cache: this is a solution because it can solve failures caused by corrupted files, for which it is necessary:


  •  Press Windows E.
  • Then we proceed to write percentAppData by cientodiscord in the explorer bar.
  • Then we double click on the cache folder.
  • We proceed to delete everything that is present in the cache folder.
  • Next we select the folder "Discord".
  • We proceed to double-click on "Local Storage".
  • We opted to delete everything in this folder.
  • To finish we start the application "Discord" and that's it.


 Choosing to activate Legacy Mode: another option that may well be applied and for which it is necessary:


  •  Start "Discord".
  • Proceed to click on "User Settings".
  • Choose to select “voice and video”.
  • We locate the drop-down menu where you can see "Audio" it is necessary to click on "Legacy"
  • Proceed to confirm it and that's it.


 Disable hardware acceleration: This is another tactic that can be used to solve the problem, and for this you need to:


  •  Open "Discord".
  • We click on the "Settings" icon.
  • Then we go to "User Settings" to click on "Appearance".
  • We locate the hardware aspect and proceed to deactivate it.
  • To finish we start Discord and that's it.


 Proceed to uninstall and reinstall the Discord version: this is an action that we can perform, but it is usually applied when we have exhausted the other actions mentioned here.

In general terms, knowing how to fix Crashing allows us to have the possibility of getting rid of a problem that has been affecting recently to access Discord.

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