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As we progress in Stardew Valley it becomes necessary to do more tasks, let's see How to catch sunfish.

What are sunfish in Stardew Valley?

These are a type of river fish that are present in this game, they only usually appear in order to complete some packages related to the “Community Center” peseta. In this sense, knowing how to catch sunfish embarks us in a challenge of the "Farm pond". Furthermore, this type of fish usually produces some amount of roe, in addition to offering us some totems and objects that are rare enough, because in some way this game It has an interesting diversity, and it is precisely what has maintained it, the only negative detail of catching this type of fish is that it is usually not well paid when we sell it.

How to catch sunfish in Stardew Valley?

To catch it is necessary to go to some places such as:
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    • The Cindersap Forest.
    • In the rivers of Pelican City.
    • On the Riverlands Farm Plans.
    • At the Hilltop Farm.

     On the other hand, it is necessary to consider that there is the possibility of buying this fish only that to achieve it is necessary to go to the "Traveling Car" or in some garbage cans, but the latter do not have a favorable affinity.

     To fish for sunfish it is necessary to consider the time and time, as it is usually caught in spring and summer, at times between 6 in the morning and 7 in the afternoon.

     This fish particularly has some benefits such as:

    • Complete the Rio fish package in the Community Center Fish Tank, here the fish "tiger trout, tarpon and catfish" are also present.
    • It is possible to make the dyeable fish shirt with the sewing machine during spring and summer, it can be given as a kind of gift for some villagers, but necessarily everyone may like it.
    • We receive the amount of 30 baits for completing the “River Fish Package.
    • We received 30 baits for completing the “Community Center Fish Tank”.
    • We managed to prepare some recipes such as the "Maki Rolls with seaweed and rice" that can offer us resistance, in addition to the "Baked Queen Fish of sauce 7" this only occurs in the first year, in addition to "Dorada and flour wheat ”to prepare a meal that allows us to restore health.

    This is all we can tell you about how to catch sunfish, it is an interesting task that can only be done in Stardew Valley.

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