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The bugs are still present in Steam and this leads us to explain how to fix the no-start error.

What is the no-start error in Steam?

This is simply a failure that we come across and precisely prevents us from accessing the platform, in this sense, knowing how to solve the no-start error leads us to execute some solutions, for good fortune there are several, and in this way we let us continue to enjoy everything that Steam has for us.

How to fix no start error in Steam?

 There are various solutions for this failure, some perhaps simpler than others but all viable, and in this order of ideal we are going to leave you these options:

Check Steam: it may be that it is down, this is a very normal matter, because there is nothing eternal, in this sense, knowing how to solve the no-start error leads us to check that this service is not down and for this it is necessary :


  •  Visit the website "Is Steam Down?"
  • It is possible to try Down Detector, as it will show us whether or not it is possible to access the Steam service.

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    End Steam through the task manager: it is necessary to check that there are no similar tasks running in the Task Manager and choose to close them if they may be running, in this sense, to know how to solve the no-start error is necessary :


    •  Locate "Steam Client Bootstraper".
    • Terminate the application so that Steam closes.
    • It is possible to choose to locate "Steam Client Webhelper" this causes crashes to have occurred in the background when trying to start Steam.
    • Once it has been closed it is possible to reopen Steam and it will work normally.


     Execute Steam as administrator: this is another valid action to solve this failure, as this allows access to the platform in a safe way, for which it is necessary:


    •  Locate the Steam icon in the start menu.
    • Then we must click with the right mouse button to select "run as administrator" and that's it.


     Clear the application cache: we continue to give you options to know how to solve the no-start error, because sometimes it is necessary to make it clear that the cache usually causes various failures and therefore this does not allow us to access all the content that may be available in Steam, in this sense it is necessary:


    •  Open the file explorer in order to navigate to "Local Disk C".
    • Then we locate "Program Files (x86)
    • Next we look for Steam and from there “appcache”.
    • It is necessary to copy and paste all the content of appcache in another place, because this only with the possibility of keeping it in case you need it somewhere else.
    • Once we have backed up this content, we proceed to delete the appcache folder.
    • Then we start Steam and this will open the way for another new error-free folder to be created, with this done it is possible to start Steam normally.


     Update Windows: this is another action that we can apply to know how to solve the no-start error, since there is a possibility that the operating system may be outdated and therefore this will throw us the failure, this leads us to search if there are available updates and proceed to install them, as this may make the failure disappear and continue enjoying Steam.

    Uninstall and reinstall Steam: we continue to offer answers to know how and this leads us to consider:


    •  Completely uninstall Steam on our PC and for this we must go to "Settings", then locate "Applications".
    • Then we look for "Applications and features".
    • Next we scroll down in order to locate Steam to click on the icon and then on the uninstall button.


     Once we manage to uninstall Steam, the possibilities open for us to know how to solve the no-start error and this leads us to:


    •  Locate the Steam website and locate at the top of the screen where we will click on the "Install Steam" icon, this will install the most recent version and thus allow us to have the possibility to continue enjoying of all Steam content.


     Execute a system restore: this is another action that can be carried out to know how to solve the no-start error, this option can be carried out when we have exhausted the other possibilities and this makes it a bit more complex, for this it is necessary:


    •  Open the control panel in order to locate "System and security".
    • Then we are shown two drop-down menus of "Security and maintenance" below these we are shown an option called "Recovery".
    • It is necessary to select "Open system restoration" so that this allows us to open the system restoration client and from there follow the instructions shown on the screen.
    • By selecting next it is possible to choose some restore points either from system updates or from other events.

     We can conclude this guide on How to solve the no-start error, in such a way that this allows us to continue enjoying everything that Steam has for us.

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