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Angel Marquez
2021-01-25 04:36:20

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This time we bring you a Steam guide, in order to explain how to fix error code 118.

What to know about error code 118 in Steam?

  It is presented as an informative message indicating an error, which is related to a connection problem with the store, it may be from our side or the server the reason for the error, so accessing the library or the store is not possible due to said failure, to have an idea of the existing solutions it is necessary to see How to repair error code 118 and the following details will guide us in this regard.
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How to fix error code 118 in Steam?

We have to consider the following solutions:


  •  Check the internet connection: when going through a slowness or lack of connection we can find this error code, so to see if the problem is in the internet connection what we will do is turn off the router, wait for 10 seconds and turn it on After that, we check if the error has been solved by trying to access again.
  • Viruses: there is the possibility that a virus in our computer is causing the error, for this we will check it, we will run a scan to detect the existence of something that may be blocking our access, after that the obstacles are eliminated, and we try to access again.
  • Closing the applications that work in the background: the overload in our computer can cause the appearance of this error code, therefore we close all the applications, and we will restart the PC, then we try to access again to see if it has the bug has been corrected.
  • The Firewall: access can be blocked by our firewall, then we must check it, we will make the necessary changes so that we can make a connection with Steam, being important to see if the server in our region has an interruption, if so we have to wait for it to be solved .


Finally, now that we know how to fix error code 118 it is possible to go back to enjoying Steam again.

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