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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-01-25 03:05:19

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Some Resident Evil Village users have been wondering how to escape from the dungeon and here we bring the answer.

What is the Resident Evil Village dungeon?

Before telling, you how to escape from the dungeon, you have to know that with the arrival of the game demo, you will have to escape from a terrifying dungeon and here we will tell you how to do it.
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How to escape from the dungeon in Resident Evil Village?

On how to escape from the dungeon, the first thing you have to do is examine the cell you are trapped in, check the back wall to find a note that will give you cryptic help, but will put you on the right track.

Then check the side walls for a hole through which it can pass to the next cell that has the door open and will allow you to exit into the hallway. You can review the open cells you want, although they will not be very pleasant visits and that we really do not recommend doing.

The cell that we care about is one on the right, inside, there is the body of a woman and a help note. You will have to walk to the end of the main hall to find a door, a locked box, and various noises. Find a key for a box, at this moment you will hear a noise behind you.

Go back to the cell where the woman was and you will see that she has fallen, exposing a bolt cutter that appears to have been used to cut her spine.

Something unpleasant, but you will have to get the cutter to go to the cell that is down the hall and in which you will find buckets of blood. Interact with him to find a pick.

Go back, open the cell and pull the lever to open the main door, which will allow you to access a very ornate room.

On the left side you will find two small doors that can be opened that will take you to a broken wall> go through the broken wall to reach a cellar> go to the far end, on the right and you will find a small block in the wall with a blood stain. This block will allow you to get to a room with a table and another note that will indicate that you must climb the ladder to exit the Resident Evil Village dungeon.

 Now that you know how to escape from the dungeon in Resident Evil Village, you should complete this dungeon very quickly, just follow the guide step by step so that the escape is effective and fast.

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