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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-15 17:40:39

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Today we bring you a Steam guide where we plan to tell you How to appear offline, let's see.

Is it possible to play offline at Steam?

 Although it sounds a bit strange if there is a possibility of appearing offline and that obviously we are allowed to play in a way that there is no possibility of being bombarded by messages from friends, which presents us with a type of alteration where we go from being Online to Offine .

How to appear offline in Steam?

 It is important to emphasize that this type of thing that we can do naturally is usually done after a while, this simply means that it will be necessary to play a little before modifying and appearing offline, to achieve this it is necessary:

 Choose to change the status to disconnected: for this it is necessary to take care of carrying out a few simple steps in Steam, and they are:

  •  Stand in the upper corner on the right side.
  • Proceed to click on "friends."
  • Locate the drop-down list in order to select "Offline"

 Once we have carried out this procedure in Steam our friends will not be able to see us connected, because we simply cannot send messages or carry out any type of activity that can be executed while we are connected.

 Choose to be invisible: it is good to consider that appearing offline is not the only option to appear offline, as it is possible to make use of an option called "Invisible", with it there are similar characteristics to the previous option, however there is the possibility of send messages.

 Be absent or do not disturb: they are executable options to appear offline, because in this sense it is feasible to consider that:

 Absent: it only usually acts as a message indicating that we are simply not available, but it has a drawback and that is that after a while it automatically changes in Steam.

Do not disturb: in this case we do not receive any type of notifications or requests, which is favorable, this helps us in the event that we are transmitting for example.
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Change the Steam account to offline mode: here it is convenient to clarify that it is a very different option from the previous one, and it also allows us to have the possibility of being able to play without seeing ourselves in the obligations to do so connected to the network, this means that it is necessary to consider that the games are updated because this usually works as a type of requirement so that the offline mode can start which allows us to focus on:

  •  Go to Steam
  • Select "Configuration".
  • Then we locate "Account and deselect Do not save the account credentials on this computer"
  • We verify that the login information is set to "Remember my password."

 To place the account without connection it is necessary:

  •  Locate us on the right side of Steam.
  • Then go to "No connection"
  • Choose "Restart Offline Mode".
  • Verify that the desired games do not require an active connection.
  • It is possible to connect regularly on Steam in order to keep games up to date.

 Upon entering the connection mode, it is possible to:

  •  Go to the top corner in order to locate Steam.
  • Then we must go to "Go Online"
  • Choose to restart Steam in order to get back online.
  • We started Steam in Offine Mode without having to open the program in Windows.
  • We choose to go to "Control Panel"
  • We proceed to select "Network and Internet" and look for "Network connections".
  • We select the type of connection that we are using.
  • Then we deactivate the network device.
  • Then we proceed to start Steam where it will indicate that it is not possible to connect to the Steam network.
  • Then it will give us the option to start Steam in Offine Mode and ready to play offline.

 Choosing to appear offline is favorable because it allows us to have the possibility of playing for a long time, avoiding being interrupted.

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of appearing offline and being in offline mode in Steam?

  •  In the case of appearing offline, we are allowed to play being connected, but without anyone suspecting it and that the games can be updated.
  • While in Offine Mode it is not possible to play games that require updating.
  • In the case of being disconnected, we ensure that no one can see us, but we are allowed to continue downloading updates.
  • The Offine mode can be very favorable in the case of having problems related to the internet connection.
  • We can enable to appear offline as long as we consider necessary.

 Generally speaking, knowing how to appear offline allows us to play without being interrupted by messages or notifications on Steam.

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