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Now that Apex Legends is available on Nintendo Switch, many users are wondering how to fix Lags, which we will cover here.

What is the lag problem in Apex Legends?

The truth is that it is not a new problem, nor is it an exclusive problem of the Switch, the truth is that the lag problem can affect all games including applications, the causes can be many, from the connection to the minimum requirements of the game. The truth is that here we have several tips that will help you correct lag.

How to fix Lags in Apex Legends?

The first thing we recommend you do is reduce the game settings, this will correct several of the problems caused by poor optimization.
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    You should also make sure that your operating system and graphics drivers are updated to the latest version available.

    Another thing you can do is verify that the firewall does not get in the way of the game.

    Check that your internet connection is stable and fast enough for the game and if possible restart your internet router or modem.

    Also make sure your PC meets at least the minimum requirements and that there is even a little slack in them if possible.

      We hope that this guide on how to fix Lags in Apex Legends, allows you to correct these problems and you can return to the game without performance problems

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