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Stardew Valley never ceases to amaze us, which makes it necessary to tell you How to make a scarecrow.

Why make a scarecrow in Stardew Valley?

It is necessary to face the crows that try to eat and destroy the plants that we have grown, then it is necessary that we understand How to make a scarecrow and the details come from now, let's see.

How to make a scarecrow in Stardew Valley?

First, it is necessary that our agriculture skill is found at level 1, in this way we access the recipe that allows us to make a scarecrow, requiring a series of materials and these are the following.

  • Wood: 50 of this resource is required, to achieve it we only have to cut trees and logs with an ax outside our farm.
  • Coal: we need 1 of this, which is obtained through recycling, mining rocks, chests, coal furnace and more.
  • Fiber: a total of 20 is necessary, which is achieved by destroying the grass with the use of the scythe, this can be inside or outside the farm.

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Now that we have the scarecrow we have to place it near the crops on the ground, considering some 248 radio titles that will be covered, then specifically we must put it in the middle of our plowed field, thus achieving that the entire area is covered completely of our cultivation, it is important to take into account that we can use a mod that will allow us to notice the radius that it reaches, for this we have to place a series of elements, only that it is required to have the recent version of SMAPI installed, being these the objects that will appear next.

  • With the J we will see the range of Junimo's cabins
  • With the H we will see the range of the bee houses
  • With the R we will see the range of Sprinklers
  • With him Or we will see the range of the scarecrow

We can conclude this guide on How to make a scarecrow and in this way continue working on the Stardew Valley farm.

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