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2021-02-03 19:04:39

We bring you a Dead Cells Fatal Falls guide where we propose to tell you How to find Serenade, let's see.

What is Serenade in Dead Cells Fatal Falls?

This is just an ability that allows us to summon a flying sword, which can perfectly well serve us to mark and attack enemies, in such a way that knowing how to find Serenade becomes a fundamental task, in a world where new bosses have entered and with the which arises necessary to fight, Serenade can temporarily become our weapon, it is said temporary because as soon as this ability is exhausted we return to our weapons on a regular basis. It should be noted that the Fatal Fall expansion has been released recently and brings a number of exploration tasks that simply cannot be missed.

How to find Serenade in Dead Cells Fatal Falls?

Before obtaining this ability, it is necessary to unlock it, for this it is necessary to mobilize ourselves to the area where the "Fractured Shrines" are located, here we have the freedom to take the path that seems most favorable, however, this does not prevent us from crossing paths the first boss in Dead Cells Fatal Falls, it is necessary to beat him to go for our main objective today which is to know how to find Serenade, once the work is done we approach the entrance of the sanctuaries, we enter and we arrive at a platform located, here It will be raining and also, it seems to be just a Dead Cells Fatal Falls dead end, however, it is necessary to take a closer look and this is because an invisible platform is possible from the cliff where the rain falls.

As exploration is a very interesting matter that we can do in this game and it is vital to know how to find Serenade we will continue the bright path left by the rain, only here we find a message that tells us “Secret Area Discovered”, But to be able to enter it, it will be necessary to be equipped, so we must make sure we have the spider rune with us, this because in this new area there are some traps and enemies that can be complex, but this does not end here, because as soon as We access through the road we are allowed to reach a so-called "secret zone", to enter it it is possible to enter from the side next to the portal, or if we wish we can be a little louder and choose to break the platforms that are in the mass of land, only that to achieve it it is necessary to have the "ram rune", in addition to taking into account that we must break the three platforms.

Now, knowing how to find Serenade is becoming a more necessary task, because we have managed to pass some obstacles and at this point we get a mini boss that it will be necessary to defeat, after this it is possible to observe a large portal, we must enter to continue to the end through the path, in this way we get Serenade and it will be an ability that will be part of us taking care of attacking enemies for us, it should be noted that it is possible to use it as a main weapon.

 Now that you know how to find Serenade, it is time to embark on this search and have a new necessary and favorable element that Dead Cells Fatal Falls has for us.

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