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Find out where to find all Guardians in Chapter 2 Season 6 to advance Fortnite.

What to know about the guardians in Fortnite?

With the arrival of season 6 of the game, a new feature was added in the meantime, where there is a series of guardians who are protecting some needles, this all over the map, so to know where to find all the guardians in chapter 2 season 6 Let's see what this guide offers us in its explanation.
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Where to find all the guardians in chapter 2 season 6 in Fortnite?

Certainly you have to find these guardians and defeat them in Fortnite, for this we can consider where to find all the guardians in chapter 2 season 6 the following details:


  •  In the lake: we will see him walking on Apollo Island around the needle, this is located north of the cloudy prairies.
  • In the forest: in Weeping Woods we will see him walking around the needle, this place is north of Slurpy Swamp.
  • In the Bay: East of the beach at Sweaty Sands you are guarding the spire.
  • At sea: northeast of Pleasant Park, this halfway between Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs we found walking around the spire.
  • In the fields: among the colossal crops and steam stacks this one is, practically halfway there.
  • On the mountain: north of the western part of Retail Row we will find it on the mountain.


 Certainly it can be easy to find them, but the difficult thing is to defeat them, for this it is appropriate to follow some tips once it is resolved where to find all the guardians in chapter 2 season 6, the strategies to follow in Fortnite are the following:


  •  Relax: this is a very similar confrontation to the one we had in season 5 against the OI guards, it can certainly be easy when facing only one, but its difficulty is high.
  • Teleportation: the use of weapons for medium distances can be very useful, because these guardians tend to launch and teleport to places that are close, weapons that are for long distances will not work, so those of medium range will help us to have better precision when shooting.
  • Be still: the guards' shots are to our left and right, they are programmed to anticipate our movements in those directions, so it is necessary that we use a revolver or assault rifle per movement.
  • Landing: at the beginning are our greatest opportunities, it is ideal that we seek to fall directly into the needles that they are protecting, which allows us to find a chest and a rare weapon, even shots from above can lead us to be the winner with high possibilities.
  • Teammates: having support is a guarantee of success, especially if we do not have the necessary experience, then if we have the right numbers we will come out of this challenge unscathed.
  • In general: it is necessary that we always be crouched, almost without moving while using weapons such as the revolver or the assault rifle.

 Finally, now that we know where to find all the Guardians in Chapter 2 Season 6 we can move on with the challenges that are presented to us in Fortnite.

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