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Angel Marquez
2021-01-25 13:38:16

More about: Stardew Valley

With our Stardew Valley guide you will learn more about How to have children.

What to know about Stardew Valley?

There is the possibility of getting a villager to be compared, this by means of gifts of objects that will please these characters of interest to establish a relationship that goes through marrying and having children, regardless of whether they are of the same sex, then Resolving How to have children goes through the fact of maintaining a relationship for 10 hearts with the spouse you have chosen, the following details will give us a better orientation.
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How to have children in Stardew Valley?

Being the first thing to get the relationship of the 10 hearts with a villager, we have that the flowers are a start, which can be obtained by buying in Pierre's store, after reaching these hearts we go on to give him a mermaid pendant obtaining it through the old miner during the rain on the beach, which will help us to ask him for marriage, it is necessary that at least on one occasion we have improved the farm and the bridge on the east side of the beach improve it once we are married is when We must maintain the relationship of 10 hearts and move on to the construction of a nursery in which the raising of children is possible, taking into account that couples of the same gender can only apply adoption and biological ones for those of the opposite gender.


  •  Biological: after about 7 days of being married there is the possibility that our partner wants to have children, this is reduced to 5 percent, here it depends on our answer, for each night that passes the same percentage of possibility of The question, by maintaining the 10 hearts of relationship, if we accept after 14 days a baby will be born.
  • Adoption: the process is the same as for biological children, there is a 5 percent possibility of wondering about having a child every night, keeping the 10 hearts of the relationship, you have to decide to accept for the adoption to take place, when doing so after 14 days a child appears at night brought by the agency in charge of adoptions.

 Now that you know how to have kids, just do it and keep progressing while having fun at Stardew Valley.

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