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Discover expert tips and How To Catch the Boat Vandal in Spirittea and safeguarding your Spirittea adventures.

Welcome, fellow Spirittea players! If you've been struggling to catch the elusive Boat Vandalizing Spirit in the game, you've come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to successfully complete this mission and progress in Spirittea. So grab your favorite tea, sit back, and let's dive into the exciting world of Spirittea!

How To Catch the Boat Vandal in Spirittea

Section 1: Talking to Sujin

Our journey begins by talking to Sujin, a key character in the game. Approach her and initiate a conversation. Interact with her until she says, "I wouldn't want you to get hurt for my sake." This dialogue is crucial as it signifies that you have triggered the event required to start your search for the Boat Vandal.

Section 2: Timing is Key

Now that you've had the important conversation with Sujin, timing becomes crucial. Wait until at least 5:30 PM on a weekday in the game before embarking on your mission to catch the vandal. This specific time is essential for your success as it ensures that the Boat Vandalizing Spirit is active and ready to be found.

Section 3: Activating Spirit Vision

Once the clock strikes 5:30 PM, activate your Spirit Vision ability. This unique ability allows you to see spirits and other supernatural entities that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Look around the area for a spirit holding a mop and graffitiing on the boat. This is the Boat Vandalizing Spirit you're looking for.

Section 4: Confronting the Spirit

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Approach the Boat Vandalizing Spirit and engage in a conversation. You will have two dialogue options: "Caught you" or "Boo!" Choose either option, as both will lead to the same outcome. Inform the spirit that they were merely following orders and not intentionally causing harm. This will help establish a friendly tone and prevent any unnecessary conflict.

Section 5: Sprinting Behind the Spirit

After your conversation with the spirit, it will attempt to flee. To catch the Boat Vandalizing Spirit, you must act swiftly. Quickly sprint behind the spirit to avoid losing sight of it. It is crucial to maintain a close distance and keep it within your line of sight to prevent it from disappearing.

Section 6: The Hidden Trap Door

As you continue to chase the spirit, there will come a point where it goes out of your sight. Don't panic! Look around for a large rock nearby. Interact with the rock while standing in the same position as the Boat Vandalizing Spirit. This action will trigger a hidden trap door to be revealed, leading you to a new area.

Section 7: Searching for the Culprit

Once you have descended through the trap door, you will find yourself in an unfamiliar area. Activate your Spirit Vision once again to aid in your search for the culprit responsible for giving orders to the Boat Vandalizing Spirit. Use your enhanced vision to identify the spirit and engage in dialogue with them once found. This conversation will provide valuable insights into the motives behind their actions.

Section 8: New Bathhouse Customers Revealed

During your conversation with the culprit, another spirit will arrive at the scene. This second spirit's appearance will reveal two new bathhouse customers who were previously unknown. This revelation adds depth to the storyline and opens up possibilities for further quests and interactions in the game.

Congratulations! By following this friendly guide, you should now have all the tools you need to successfully catch the Boat Vandalizing Spirit in Spirittea. Remember to pay close attention to the instructions, maintain your timing, and enjoy the immersive world of Spirittea. We hope this guide has helped enhance your gaming experience and brought you one step closer to completing this exciting mission. Happy gaming!

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