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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to kill the Banshees in The Tombs in King Arthur Legion IX.

King Arthur Legion IX is an incredible game that presents you with a large number of challenges and puzzles that are going to be intertwined with the different battles that you will have to face as you progress in your adventure.

Once you reach the mission Crypt of the Three Sisters in The Tombs, you will encounter one of these challenges and puzzles. If you want to know how to successfully complete it and kill the Banshees, read on and find out.

How to kill the Banshees in The Tombs in King Arthur Legion IX

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The Crypt of the Three Sisters presents a unique combat puzzle within the "The Tombs" quest of King Arthur Legion IX. While a formidable battle on the surface, victory hinges on understanding and executing a specific order of operations.

The Enigmatic Encounter:

1. A cutscene precedes the battle, where three Banshees deliver a cryptic message:

  • Lady Vespera (center): "The order has been ordained and can't be broken!"
  • Lady Nox (right): "Dawn must follow night!"
  • Lady Auroa (left): "Night follows twilight!"

2. This seemingly poetic exchange holds the key to defeating them.

Deciphering the Riddle:

Analyzing the Banshees' statements unveils the order in which they must be vanquished:

  • Vespera, associated with the evening star (representing twilight).
  • Nox, the Roman embodiment of night.
  • Auroa, the Latin word for dawn.

Strategic Maneuvers:

1. While 17 lesser enemies engage you, navigate strategically towards the Banshees positioned at the back of the room.

2. Critically important: Engage the Banshees in this specific sequence:

  • First: Vespera (evening star)
  • Second: Nox (night)
  • Third: Auroa (dawn)

3. Deviating from this order will render your attacks futile. A Banshee reduced to zero health outside the designated order will miraculously regenerate.

Triumph and Rewards:

  • 1. Once the Banshees are eliminated in the correct order (Vespera -> Nox -> Auroa), they will be permanently defeated.
  • 2. Dispatch the remaining enemies and proceed north. You can either complete "The Tombs" quest or explore the Cursed Chest in the final crypt.
  • 3. Remember to loot the chest hidden behind the Banshees' tombs for valuable equipment and gold.

Additional Considerations:

  • Since the Banshees have no armor and lack traditional regeneration, focus your attacks on them after reaching them.
  • The lesser enemies pose a minimal threat compared to the order-bound Banshees. Prioritize eliminating them in the correct sequence for swift victory.

This is everything you need to know about How to kill the Banshees in The Tombs in King Arthur Legion IX, following this guide it will surely be easier for you to complete the objective and in this way, continue advancing within the wonderful world of King Arthur Legion IX .

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