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Knowing how to get more gold has become a necessary task in Spellbreak and here we will tell you all about it, let's see.

Why get more gold in Spellbreak?

  This is actually a necessary task, not only to act gracefully, but to have the possibility of buying some cosmetics, emotes and even skins, of course this does not mean that they are necessary to play but they can be interesting, well know How to get more gold allows us to join a multiplayer game avoiding the realization of some micro transactions, even though these can allow us to get simple but eye-catching objects without having to spend absolutely anything in real life.
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How to get more gold in Spellbreak?

 One of the interesting options is the spell micro-transactions that allow us to buy some ideal amount of gold in the acquisition of emotes, cosmetics and some interesting accessories, which have a very real value:


  •  It is necessary to consider that in the PSN store it is possible to buy a maximum of 10,000 gold plus 3,000 as a bonus.
  • Buying an amount of 10,000 gold equals 79.99 pounds sterling which allows 3500 of bonus.
  • Buying the amount of 4,000 is equivalent to 32.99 pounds sterling which allows 1000 of bonus.
  • Buying the amount of 2,500 equals 19.99 pounds sterling which allows 300 of bonus.
  • Buying the amount of 1,000 gold costs £ 7.99.


 It is good to know that almost a week has passed since this game was launched and it already has about 2 million players, which transforms into around 1.7 million hours on Twitch, because getting more gold makes us consider that it is possible to achieve it by level up for free, for which it is necessary to have a considerable amount of XP which we can get through the performance in the matches executed, because the idea of ​​this is to propose to eliminate the magicians promptly, as it will be what we let us place ourselves in the first places.

 In this sense, knowing how to get more gold is not very complicated in the end, because playing a lot and as best as possible allows us to get a good amount without spending money as such in Spellbreak.

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