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Find out how to download Slice Of Life Sims 4 in this excellent and explanatory guide.

What to know about Slice Of Life Sims 4?

We are presented with important content of the new expansion packs, with each new addition we have clothes, worlds, buildings and much more for the base game, considering this we have that the expansion is not what is expected at this moment, something outstanding is this mod, but accessing it can be complex, which leads us to seek answers on How to download Slice Of Life Sims 4 and to help us the following content will be present, let's see it.

How to download Slice Of Life Sims 4?

From the KawaiiStacie website we can download, only to do it correctly in terms of How to download Slice Of Life Sims 4 we must consider the following:
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  • Search the Sims catalog
  • Download the base files for the mod from our desktop.
  • Unzip the folder that gives us access to the base game
  • We have to pass the package files to the mods folder of the game, we find this by Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods
  • We create a folder with the name of Slice of Life and inside it, we create another one that says Sol Base and in this last one we place the Sol injector base and menus
  • We go to the KawaiiStacie website to go to the Sun menu where we will choose add-ons and packages to download
  • The installed files, we have to move them to the Slice of Life folder in mods
  • The script files must be in the mods folder as well.
When we go to start the game, a message will be presented that lets us know the installation of the mods, considering that we must be sure that Slice of Life is among them, highlighting the existence of a couple of versions of said mod, we have to choose only one to play.

We can conclude that knowing how to download Slice Of Life Sims 4 4 is easier than thought, it will be enough to follow the instructions to achieve it.

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