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The action in Sims FreePlay does not stop, which will lead us to tell you How to reach nirvana in Sims FreePlay.

What to know about reaching nirvana in Sims FreePlay?

It is one of the different tasks that we are asked to do in the game, which can be very complex and cause us confusion, being in this type of activity it is opportune that we know how to do it and to help us in this case we have to pay our attention in the following indications, let's see them.

How to reach nirvana in Sims FreePlay?

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The search for this will have us confused, to reach nirvana we have to enter the city menu, go to the park, we will click on our Sims, and we will choose the corresponding option to reach nirvana, this requires 12 hours in the game, With this we will be completing this activity.

Finally, now that we know how to reach nirvana in Sims FreePlay we can move on with our progress in this game.

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