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Today we bring for you a guide on How to fix Sims 4 Crashing.

What to know about Crashing of Sims 4?

This is a problem that comes to prevent us from playing correctly, are situations that have been present in many games, with so many affected it is appropriate that we seek support in terms of How to fix Sims 4 Crashing and with this guide we can receive it, just follow carefully the following content, let's see.

 How to fix Sims 4 Crashing?

We are presented with a group of options that can help us in terms of How to fix Sims 4 Crashing and these are as follows:

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  • The system requirements: it is important that our computer is complying with what is required for the correct operation of the game, otherwise errors like this one will appear, as for How to fix Sims 4 Crashing it may be necessary to update our equipment.
  • The updates: having the requirements covered it is possible that pending updates are missing, we will look for those of the system software and graphic controllers, because in this may be the interference when not being up to date.
  • Eliminate the modifications: it is possible that having updated or installed some patch may have caused this problem, considering that the modifications are not supported by the developers, there may be incompatibility, having installed mods we do not get to determine which of these changes cause the problem, what we will do regarding How to fix Sims 4 Crashing is to eliminate them all that are in the modifications folder, then we can add them one by one and go checking if the error is presented as they are installed.
  • Repair of files: it is possible that some files require to be repaired, for it we use the function that contains Origin, we will go to the library in this to locate to the game and we press right click entering the option repair, we wait it is completed and process and we make a restart.
  • Compatibility mode: one of the options of importance to consider is this, because the software will run using a previous version of Windows, considering the years that has the game can help, we go to the game and we press right click to enter the properties, we enter in compatibility, we mark the box to execute program in compatibility mode, we will choose as managed and we disable optimizations of complete screen, we apply and we accept so that the changes are saved.

Finally, now that we know how to fix
Sims 4 Crashing it is possible to return to the normal gameplay of this interesting game.

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